Easy ramen and egg


Are you in need of a quick, yet delicious meal? If so, you are sure to love ramen with an egg. The recipe is insanely simple and leaves you with a delicious meal that you are sure to love.

To start, you should select a ramen of your choosing. The ramen can be any flavor that you wish. Some of the most popular flavors for this particular dish are pork and beef. After selecting your ramen you should crack an egg for each package of ramen that you use. Beat the egg gently with a fork until the egg is completely mixed. This should only take a few seconds. You should then boil your ramen for the designated time, most noodles are cooked on high for two minutes to ensure that they are cooked completely. You now want to pour in the egg at a slow pace making sure that it does not spill. The egg will slowly firm as it heats up. This is completely normal and to be expected. The last step is to simply enjoy your culinary masterpiece.

You are sure to love this dish if you are in need of a cheap, yet filling meal. This is a very popular dish that is gaining popularity over the years.