While juicer science is decidedly mixed, the practice of juicing has value in increasing nutritional intake

We know that it’s recommended to eat 6 to 8 portions for fruit and vegetables each day, however only a handful of people actually manage to eat that much. Juicing is a great way to consume a lot more fruit and veg in a simple and convenient way. Juicing is great for your health because you can absorb the nutrients that the vegetables contain much more easily and you are able to add a greater range of produce into your diet.

While juicing fruits is popular, anyone who has hypertension, high cholesterol or diabetes should limit their use of fruit as their sugar content can exacerbate these conditions. Limes and lemons are the exception since they have virtually no fructose and they can be used to reduce the bitter flavor found when juicing the most beneficial leafy green vegetables.

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How To Get Started With Juicing

When you’re starting out with juicing, choose organic produce when you can. When juicing vegetables, it makes sense to start with the ones that can be tolerated and digested easily such as fennel, cucumber and celery. While these are not as packed with nutrients as dark leafy veg, they will allow you to adapt to the new lifestyle and then you can begin to add more nutritious vegetables to your juice such as Romaine, endive, spinach, escarole and red leaf lettuce. You can then begin to introduce cilantro, parsley and other herbs into your juice and finally, the bitter greens like kale, dandelion greens, collard greens and mustard greens.

You can balance their flavors with lemon or lime for a better taste. Alternatively, try adding a few cranberries or a small amount of fresh ginger which adds a kick while helping to boost cardiovascular health, lower cholesterol and prevent oxidation of LDL.

What Else Do You Need To Know About Juicing?

To get the most out of juicing, you can’t simply drink it. Here are some other things you should be aware of.

Don’t Cleanse – Supplement

If you already eat a balanced diet, juicing is able to give you a nutrient rich, low fat energy boost. However, as a meal replacement it just doesn’t work. Juice is digested quickly and will make you so hungry that you’ll end up bingeing. Going on a juice fast may also give you unstable levels of blood sugar together with lightheadedness and headaches.

Choose The Best Ingredients

There are some vitamins which can be absorbed more easily when consumed as a juice including vitamins B and C. However some, such as vitamins K, E and A are better absorbed when they have undergone the complete digestion process. Others, like tomatoes, are more nutritionally valuable when they have been cooked.

Get The Mix Right

Vegetable juice takes some getting used to and experimentation is the key. Begin by adding 2 cups of greens with a single piece of fruit and then play with your ratio, perhaps adding some cinnamon for a little extra taste.

Drink Fast

If you prepare a large batch of juice at one time, it will have lost a lot of its nutritional value before you get around to drinking it. Drink it straight away for the optimal benefits.

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Which Are The Best Juicers?

Breville Compact Juice Fountain 700 Watt Juice Extractor

If you need a compact juicer to sit on your bench that won’t take up too much room in your kitchen, this juicer from the well known Breville brand is a great choice and is very affordable. Hardworking and convenient, this model is simple to use and produces juice quickly. It is easy to store and easy to clean, which explains its high popularity.

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850 Watt Juice Extractor

If you need a quality juicer, this is the ideal machine for you. With the perfect balance of efficiency, speed, durability, price and simplicity, this centrifugal juicer is the best all rounder. Simple to use and quick and easy to clean, this juicer produces delicious juice in no time.

Super Angel All Stainless Steel Twin Gear Juicer

If you want to invest in the best possible juicer that money can buy, this all stainless steel model is stylish and offers impressive performance. Durable and long lasting, this juicer is simple to maintain and produces pure tasting juice. It is also ideal for juicing the nutritious leafy greens, making it a fantastic option when it comes to improving your health.

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